Android KitKat - Yellow, Red and Green Mascots, KitKat Bridge

HTC may have missed its self imposed 90-day deadline to update the HTC One with Android 4.4 KitKat, but today the Taiwanese company had a bit of good news to share. According to HTC's Executive Director of Product Management Mohammed Versi, the company just received approval from Verizon to roll out the software update

Beyond Android 4.4, HTC will also use the opportunity to upgrade the One from Sense 5 to 5.5, which the company introduced last year with the HTC Max. Sense 5.5 includes several enhancements to the company's Android UI, including the ability to customize BlinkFeed with RSS feeds and other information, and an improved version of GIF-making app Zoe.

There's no word on when exactly Verizon will push out the HTC One update, though according to Versi it won't be much longer. Meanwhile, we're still waiting to learn when AT&T and T-Mobile will approve the update, while Sprint and a number of Canadian carriers began rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat last week.