A tipster dropped us a note today to a copy of the user guide for the HTC Incredible showing up online, and sure enough, it has the Verizon logo on it.  So it looks like it’s fairly safe to say all the rumors have been true  Is there any chance it’s fake?  Yes, but it is an awfully detailed one if it is.  Below here is the typical images you see with numbers pointing to the various features

htc incredible draw

Beyond the confirmation, there isn’t anything too grand breaking here beyond the fact that our tipster also told us that they heard the phone would have 8 GB of built-in storage which is a lot more than the other HTC Android phones have had.  Although, in the right hand image above, #12 is pointing to a dual LED flashlight.  Is it just me or is it about time for this?  We’ve all used the screen as a flashlight, so why not give us an actual one?

Beyond that, we know this is based off of the same design as the Nexus One, however with a slowed down processor running around 7000 MHz as opposed to 1 GHz.  The camera is clocking in at 8 megapixels, although as with all camera phones that’s more about the size of the image as opposed the actual resolution.

We still don’t have a firm release date, but with the user guide out there, it can’t be too far off now!