verizon go90

Verizon is jumping into the mobile streaming market with a new service called Go90. The app is expected to launch this week (possibly today), though for now the official website still says it's coming soon.

The new service will be limited to mobile devices at launch, though it could expand onto TVs in the future. Go90 is free and supported by ads. The name refers to the action of flipping your phone 90 degrees to landscape mode for watching videos.

Go90 will offer a mix of live events, prime-time TV shows and original content. That includes NFL games and concerts along with popular TV shows. It won't give you access to entire channels, instead offering a regularly updated selection of episodes and clips.

Go90 will also feature a social component. You'll create a profile when you sign up, and Verizon will encourage you to share videos on social media or directly with your friends. "It's Hulu meets Twitter meets Netflix, with all of this social content," Verizon's president of product innovation, Marni Walden, told The New York Times.

Verizon already faces some tough competition, including entrenched services like Netflix and Hulu along with live streaming options like Sling TV. There's also Apple's long-rumored service and Comcast's upcoming Watchable app.

Go90's focus on mobile video and the fact that it's free could give it a real edge, though the big question is still what shows and videos you'll actually be able to watch once it goes live.