After the total failure of the Microsoft Kin 1 and Kin 2 to attract any sort of significant user base, it only makes sense that the entire system is going to be dump. The only question that remains is what happens to those customers who bought the phones in good faith, expecting to have service for the entire life of the handset? Well, you give them a free phone, of course!

According to WP Central, as of Jan. 31st, 2011, Kin owners are going to find themselves without a lot of services. Those include:

  • Feed Reader will stop working
  • Search Near me will stop working
  • Posting Photos to social sites will no longer be possible
  • Most pictures currently on Kin will only appear at thumbnail resolution
  • Posting to Social Networks will no longer work
  • No comments from the loop
  • Social network contacts will disappear
  • Loop will stop to work
  • Kin Spot will only send to emails
  • Social networks only accessed from web browser

kin 1 and kin 2While you’ll still be able to make calls, surf the Web and do e-mails, everything that made the Kin phones special will be deader than a door knob.

With this in mind, Verizon, the carrier that got saddled with this disaster, is offering free 3G phones to those who wish to switch.  You have until March 31st, 2011 to do so, but it appears Verizon stores have not yet gotten the memo from reports of people who have gone into stores to take advantage of the offer.  Kin owners are receiving brochures in the mail that will explain the full details of what you need to do.

At this point we’re sure Microsoft and Verizon would both like to forget this whole incident, but somehow we imagine this will be a lesson in cell phone launches for years to come.

What say you?  What went so horribly wrong with the Kin units?