Verizon Wireless will begin accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 tomorrow. The carrier recently tweeted the news, but did not provide any information in regards to when the device will be available or for how much.

T-Mobile and Sprint recently said the device launch will be slightly delayed, likely due to the incredible demand for the device, but AT&T’s model is still expected to hit stores this week. AT&T is selling the 16GB model of the smartphone for $199.99 and we expect Verizon’s pricing to fall right around that point. Sprint’s selling the phone for $249.99 with a new two-year contract and T-Mobile will sell it for $99 down plus an additional $20 per month as part of its new uncarrier plans.

Verizon’s website still just says that customers can sign up for news on the device, so you may want to sign up for an alert for when it officially opens up pre-orders sometime tomorrow.