International Samsung Galaxy S4-Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will support Verizon’s next network upgrade, which is expected to double the Internet speeds of today. According to Mike Haberman, vice president of network support for Verizon, all it’ll take is a simple software upgrade once the faster AWS spectrum is rolled out. Right now the service is scheduled to be available in larger metropolises in the next few months, including New York City.

Construction has been ongoing for Verizon as it looks to increase capacity of its LTE network. With smartphones becoming more prevalent by the day, data traffic is expected to increase by up to 7 times in only three years—at least on Verizon. The carrier said its using AWS airwaves acquired from cable companies and others, including Comcast Corp.

Right now, the S4 is the only known device to support the faster speeds; it’s unclear what other handsets will have the necessary components to work on Verizon’s Advance Wireless Service spectrum. With 10 million Galaxy S4 sales already reported, plenty of consumers on Verizon will have future-proofed access to Verizon’s network upgrade.