iPhone 5 Mockups

During Verizon's earnings call on Thursday, chief technology officer Fran Shammo dropped a little hint suggesting that the iPhone 5 will launch during the fourth quarter of this year. "Of course thee's always that, uh, rumor mill out there with a new phone coming out there in the fourth quarter, so people may be waiting," Shammo said during the call, according to The Verge.

We don't want to take Shammo's quote out of context, he certainly referred to the same "rumor mill" that we've all been following so closely. Still, he did suggest that Verizon subscribers are holding out for another phone and we already know that it's just around the corner. As The Verge notes, it's possible that he's referring to a new Nexus phone from Google, but there hasn't been enough speculation around that phone for the general public to actually be holding out for it.

The latest rumors have suggested the next iPhone, which most people refer to as the iPhone 5, will launch during September or October.

[via The Verge]