Verizon Wireless is offering early upgrades to its postpaid customers in a likely bid to keep customers from switching carriers for the new iPhone 6 models. Following a report from GigaOm on Monday, TechnoBuffalo confirmed that existing Verizon customers who would otherwise have to wait until November 15th for an upgrade can now purchase a new phone at a new two-year contract price. That's up to two months early for some customers.

The carrier promotion applies to all of Verizon's phones including the iPhone 6 that will launch this Friday. A customer who otherwise might have had to wait until November 15th for a new phone can now pick up the iPhone 6 starting at just $199.99 with a new two-year contract, for example. Verizon told TechnoBuffalo the move was made as a "special thank you" to its customers.

New deals from T-Mobile and Sprint that offer to pay early termination fees on competing carriers could have helped spur that "special thank you," and it's likely Verizon wants to incentivize its customers to hang around instead of simply switching carriers for a new device, like the highly anticipated iPhone 6.