Verizon Store

Yesterday, T-Mobile and AT&T announced a new partnership in which the two carriers will allow customers to roam across both networks in order to provide better coverage in areas hit by Hurricane Sandy. Now, Verizon is doing its part to help those affected by the superstorm. Verizon Wireless said that it has started to roll out its Wireless Emergency Communication Centers (WECCs) in Monmouth and Tom's River, New Jersey, and it's also deploying the systems in Staten Island, New York.

Verizon said it's rolling out mobile stores on wheels in Staten Island and in Sea Girt and Howell, NJ, too, to help users with any issues and to provide a place to charge phones. Verizon, in fact, is offering free domestic calls to local residents from any of its store locations and is working to re-open its other brick and mortar stores as quickly as possible.

"In terms of our network, we have seen continued improvement overnight with now more than 96 percent of our cell sites in service and serving our customers in the impacted area, including some of the hardest hit areas of the Northeast," the carrier said.

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