verizon-samsung-galaxy-s-iii-3-white-featuredA rumor that Verizon is planning to unlock the bootloader for its Galaxy S III has been causing quite a stir. However, the carrier recently ended the confusion in a comment to Droid-Life that confirmed it has no plans to unlock the bootloader for the Galaxy S III. The misunderstanding reportedly spawned from Verizon's customer service reps misinterpreting a future update that will unlock GSM roaming support.

Verizon will be releasing a developer's edition of the device for those of you who wish to own a Galaxy S III with an unlocked bootloader. However, if you've already purchased a locked down Galaxy S III, all hope isn't completely lost. Several of the folks over at xda-developers are offering a cash reward to whoever can produce the first flashable patched bootloader for Verizon's Galaxy S III.

[via: Droid-Life]