Lowell McAdam

With only days left to go before the start of CES 2012, Verizon has announced that CEO Lowell McAdam will not be able to attend the keynote address his company was planning for the show.

Originally scheduled to speak at 11 AM Tuesday morning, McAdam has had to cancel his appearance at the annual trade show in Las Vegas due to a scheduling conflict that arose.  Verizon is currently securing another executive to attend the event, but there has been no notice yet as to who it may be.

This marks the second high profile announcement in regards to companies showing a decreasing interest in the gadget show with Microsoft announcing 2012 would be the last year it makes a keynote address.  While Mr. McAdam could simply have made a scheduling mistake, Verizon has had a very high profile presence at the event for years, so his not showing up this year does have to make one wonder about the future of the show.  Are companies starting to pull away from the biggest event of the gadget year?  One has to wonder.

What do you think about these high profile departures from CES?

[via Bloomberg]