blackberry q10

The Z10 may have whetted the taste buds of BlackBerry fans but the QWERTY-packing BlackBerry Q10 is about to make its big U.S. splash. Following yesterday’s news that T-Mobile will begin shipping the BlackBerry Q10 on June 5, Verizon announced Thursday that it will ship the handset starting June 6. Customers can pre-order the phone today.

The Q10 has already been on the market for a few weeks in Europe and Canada, and it’s apparently outselling the iPhone and Galaxy S4 in some locations in the UK and France. The device was expected to hit the U.S. market in June and it appears that it’s arriving right on schedule, though we haven’t heard release dates for Sprint or AT&T just yet.

The Verizon Blackberry Q10 costs $200 with a two-year contract ($600 off contract) and comes in either black or white (white is exclusive to the carrier).