iPhone - Facetime over 3G Cellular

AT&T already announced plans to provide FaceTime over cellular support in iOS 6 and now Verizon Wireless and Sprint have confirmed that each will offer the same capabilities. Pundits were up in arms when AT&T announced that it would only allow Facetime over cellular for customers who subscribe to its new Mobile Share bucket data plans but, technically, Verizon is doing the same thing.

See, Verizon recently switched to offering its Shared Everything data plans, which it requires new users to subscribe to. AT&T, meanwhile, still offers the option of independent data plans so, technically, AT&T is still providing choice, even if you do have to switch to Mobile Share to take advantage of the new video option.

Ultimately, no matter what plan you choose, this should be a great new video chat option for iPhone owners. Those of us on Windows Phone or Android still have plenty of options that already allow us to place video chat calls over cellular networks, including Google Hangouts, Tango, Skype and more.