Verizon might have an exclusive bundle for its in-home 5G service arriving in two U.S. cities later this year.

There are ongoing negotiations with Apple and Google to pitch in for video streaming, according to Bloomberg. A partnership would be utilized until Verizon figures out how to approach the competitive space. Most likely, Verizon will introduce a Sling TV-like product that includes dozens of channels at a reasonable price.

As the planning for a Big Red-branded product goes on, any partnership gives Verizon the time it needs. It’s just unclear how far along these negotiations are. Also, the report suggests a deal between Verizon and Apple or Google could fall apart. If that occurs, Verizon risks its competitors jumping ahead with their own over-the-top services.

Apple doesn’t have a service on the market yet, but its original programming slate hasn’t stopped growing in recent months. Google, meanwhile, operates YouTube TV with live and on-demand content available on any device. The odds seem to be in Google’s favor since Apple doesn’t have much interest in live TV after exploring the idea a few years ago.

Both would be thrilled to see Verizon take care of distribution. The nation’s largest carrier already claims more than 140 million customers throughout the country.

Based on the existing timeline, wireless broadband from Verizon’s 5G network will be in Los Angeles and Sacramento to start. Verizon could then expand its service in 2019. It wants everything from TV to internet to wireless packages relying on the next-gen technology.

The partnership would fill a large void in Verizon’s portfolio. It recently announced Go90 will shut down on July 31. Verizon does hold streaming rights for NFL and NBA games, but who knows if they could be used with the 5G service.