As promised, Verizon’s in-home 5G service for residential addresses has gone live, but you can only access it in select locations.

Its pricing might be reasonable if you’re into next-generation technology. Everyone gets the first three months of in-home 5G service for free. Following that, existing Verizon customers are locked in at $50/mo while others pay $70/mo. Still, the nation’s largest carrier throws in a free Chromecast or Apple TV as well as three months of YouTube TV.

The U.S. cities are Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. In these locations, you’re able to get advanced, high-speed data.

Verizon suggests that your Wi-Fi network will sit between 300 megabits per second and 1 gigabit per second. Either end of that spectrum should be better than what the vast majority of Americans already have.

By the way, anyone who signs up for this gets early access to 5G-enabled mobile devices. Verizon wants these special customers to experience 5G at home and on the road. When will 5G networks go wireless? That’s shaping up to be a story for 2019, but Verizon could go live first once again.