Verizon didn’t need to pick sides for its 5G residential deployment plan.

The nation’s largest carrier announced that Apple and Google signed multi-year partnerships that make their video streaming services live on the core of its in-home 5G service. It’ll let customers in select U.S. cities choose between Apple TV and YouTube TV at no extra cost. So you’ll get a set-top box or a subscription for free while Verizon tests 5G connectivity inside homes and offices.

Since last month, both of the leading technology companies were in discussions with Verizon. Apple seemed like the leader after giving Big Red’s customers a six-month joy ride on Apple Music, but it looks like Verizon wants to maintain some flexibility during the foray into 5G.

It wasn’t part of the announcement, but Bloomberg reports that there will also be individual video streaming packages from the NFL, NBA, Oath, and other properties. These, however, won’t be free and will instead rely on traditional subscriptions for access.

The U.S. cities getting Verizon’s in-home 5G service later this year include Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Verizon expects to begin home installations over the next few months.