iPhone 5 - Promo Picture

Verizon Wireless' chief technical officer David Small recently discussed the carrier's future 4G LTE plans with Dow Jones Wires. One of Small's statements just about confirms that Verizon will indeed offer a 4G LTE-equipped iPhone by the end of this year.

Small said Verizon Wireless will only release phones capable of running on its 4G LTE network this year and, since Apple is definitely expected to launch a new iPhone before 2012 comes to a close, that pretty much confirms it's going to support Verizon's faster data network. It's huge news, but not unexpected, as the brand new iPad also supports AT&T and Verizon's LTE networks. Plus, it's just another reason you should hold off on buying the iPhone 4S.

"By the end of the year, our plan is to be in at least 400 markets across the country," Small said. Verizon currently has about 200 4G LTE markets, and Small noted that Alaska would receive the faster data network in 2013, when it plans to cover a total of 260 million Americans.

[via Dow Jones Newswires]