verizon sign

Verizon Wireless is currently a joint venture between Vodafone and Verizon Communications. Verizon owns 55 percent of the wireless carrier but has recently expressed interest in buying out Vodafone's stake. Reuters said Thursday it learned that the company is currently mulling over a $100 billion offer to Vodafone for the remaining 45 percent of Verizon Wireless.

Verizon shot down earlier speculation that it was in talks to acquire Vodafone's share of Verizon Wireless, however. "As Verizon has said many times, it would be a willing purchaser of the 45% stake that Vodafone holds in Verizon Wireless," Verizon explained on April 3. " It does not, however, currently have any intention to merge with or make an offer for Vodafone, whether alone or in conjunction with others." That statement was in response to a Financial Times article that said Verizon and AT&T were considering a joint bid for Vodafone.

Reuters cites major investors with close ties to the deal, so perhaps Verizon is getting all of its duck in a row before making an offer.