Note: Venom spoilers are discussed in this post.

Those of you who partook in Venom’s record-breaking opening weekend are familiar with the opening scene. In it, a Life Foundation spacecraft is returning to Earth with symbiote samples on board. The scene, however, was quite different when the project was in the early stages of development, according to director Ruben Fleischer, with an opening scene that sounds like it was going to be quite epic.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Fleischer explained how the development of the story for Venom evolved through different iterations of the script, and that’s none more apparent than with the original introduction of the symbiote. According to Fleischer, the original draft had the opening scene taking place on the symbiotes’ home planet of Klyntar where it would be crawling with more of the menacing aliens.

Here is Fleischer’s full explanation of the original opening scene.

The beginning of the movie was a hard one. Like, how much do we want to tell the backstory? There was a version [of the opening] where there was a planet crawling with tons of symbiotes that were collected and taken back to Earth by the Life Foundation. They had encountered them. But it kind of felt like, my instinct was it would be better to keep it more mysterious and just know that they’ve retrieved something from space. We don’t know exactly by what means or how. Jenny [Slate]’s character later says they encountered it on a comet that was passing, and they retrieved these samples and brought it back to Earth. But yeah, I thought it was better just leave it a little bit mysterious, the backstory of the aliens.

Unfortunately, the scene was cut in favor of something that moved the plot forward and we can’t fault Fleischer for that. Although getting to take a trip to Klyntar would have been awesome, it would have also added unnecessary length to the movie.

With Venom’s overwhelming success at the box office solidifying Sony’s plans for future sequels, we may yet return to Klyntar in future Venom movies before it’s all said and done.