“Like a turd in the wind” is not a line of dialog I expected to hear in a Venom movie—let alone any movie about a dangerous alien symbiote that could probably consume a human in one bite. But here we are.

Sony on Tuesday released yet another trailer for Venom, and it’s full of violence and threats of bodily harm. Oh, and some humor was thrown in for good measure.

The trailer showcases Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) struggle to keep his evil best friend at bay. But the symbiote, which turns Brock into the human-eating Venom—does that make Brock a cannibal?—is hellbent on wreaking havoc, despite Brock’s hesitations.

(Is Brock’s struggle to keep Venom from causing mayhem a metaphor? Are we all just trying to keep our own Venom from erupting into violence?)

Much of the footage in the new trailer is recycled from what we’ve seen before. But it’s edited in such a way that it gives audiences a better idea of how the movie will unfold. Brock will investigate the shady experiments being conducted by Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), and during his investigation, he’ll find himself as a host to an alien symbiote.

By the way, Ahmed’s character also hosts a symbiote known as Riot, who possesses some very dangerous axe-like arms. With another symbiote for Venom to contend with, one has to wonder when Woody Harrelson’s rumored Carnage will show up.

Venom hits theaters on October 5.