The first trailer for the upcoming Venom movie left us wanting. In particular, it left us wanting even a glimpse of the titular character, the symbiote anti-hero spun off of Spider-Man back in spring of 1988 (That’s right, Venom is 30 years old). The trailer was more of a teaser for the feature. This time around, we’re getting a full, proper trailer.

The trailer formally introduces us to Eddie Brock, the human half of the symbiotic pair. Based on the trailer, it seems Peter Parker, whether he makes that rumored cameo appearance or not, has nothing to do with Brock’s transformation into Venom. Instead, Brock is following a company called the Life Foundation and attempting to do his job as a reporter, uncovering the shady stuff the company is doing in the name of science and evolution.

Sneaking into the company’s offices ends up with Brock joined with the symbiote, and here the trailer gives us a brief idea of how it’ll look to see the monster in action. We’ve embedded the trailer below the cut in case you’re trying to keep your eyes pristine.

Brock struggles for control with the Venom symbiote throughout the trailer, but it’s clear right away that the movie is leaning hard on the less villainous side of Venom and more on the vigilante. Brock seems like a slightly nervous guy, not enthusiastic at all about taking on this strange relationship, and frightened by the new voice slithering around in his head. But it’s also pretty clear that the people he’s fighting aren’t good, and the last shot of the trailer suggests Venom will get plenty of chances to show us what a monster it can be.

Venom looks slimy and otherworldly but the CG looks a lot like, well, computer graphics. The crew behind the movie still has 6 months to polish things up, though. After this trailer, I’m optimistic about Venom, and I’m looking forward to the movie’s October release.

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