Sony this week released the first trailer for Venom, which finally showed the dangerous symbiote in action. I’ll admit, the movie looks better than I expected, especially after such a lackluster teaser.

But the quality of the movie hasn’t really been the focus of discussion as of late, because people can’t get over the pronunciation of “symbiote.”

Due to how it’s spelled, I’ve always thought the right way to pronounce the word is “sym-bee-oat.” In the trailer, however, the scientist played by Jenny Slate says “sym-bye-oat,” and it’s stirred a heated debate. Even Merriam-Wesbter’s dictionary has chimed in.

Searches for that word were up 35,700 percent since the trailer hit, with people wondering what they just heard.

Unfortunately, Merriam-Webster doesn’t settle the debate, saying SIM-bye-oht is accepted.

Even if that is an acceptable way to pronounce the word, it sounds so odd. To the point where I can’t help but chuckle when Slate says it, not once but twice during the short trailer. For better or worse, it’s become a meme and a distraction, and the only thing people can talk about right now.

Which is a shame, because the film does look very interesting, showing Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) struggle to keep the symbiote at bay while accepting its powers.

Venom hits theaters on October 5.