Things weren’t looking good for Sony’s Venom in the week leading up to its release. It earned largely negative reviews, and talk of it being an unmitigated disaster was starting to proliferate. But then something unexpected happened: It became a bonafide hit.

Venom took in an impressive $80 million domestically in its opening weekend before totaling an impressive $783 million worldwide as of this week. That figure was reached by an impressive performance in the United States and an even more successful run in China.

Now, Venom has outgrossed every X-Men movie before it, including Deadpool. The Ryan Reynolds’ 2016 hit was the high mark for the X-Men franchise and it capped out at $781 million. It’s also ahead of other notable Marvel blockbusters Spider-Man 2 ($783 million) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($757 million).

Interestingly enough, the “disappointing” performance of Amazing Spider-Man 2 led Sony to lend Spider-Man to the MCU, which subsequently revived the character and cemented its intent to make a standalone Venom movie. Life comes full circle.

The math doesn’t add up, yet Venom persevered to become one of the most successful movies of 2018 and provided a strong launching point for Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.