SEGA teased and prodded us long enough! Actually, it only did so for about a week or so, but still, that's long enough! Vanquish will be joining Bayonetta as the next Platinum Games hit to be ported to the PC platform.

SEGA confirmed a release date of May 25 in an expectedly explosive trailer.

Those who recently bought Bayonetta for the PC also get a nice discount off the top if you pre-order.

Vanquish's adrenaline-pumping trailer speaks for itself

The PC port allows gamers to unlock the framerate, letting the performance crank all the way up to 144fps with a proper PC! With a game as lightning quick as Vanquish, I'm sure you'll notice and appreciate the boost. 4K resolution is also available for the first time in the game's history.

I usually don't worry too much about the specs behind a game, I'm going to make an exception here. Anything that can make this high octane shooter look even more spectacular is fine by me!

Vanquish will be released for the PC on May 25.