Sony's Instant Game Collection has already been a runaway success, boosting the popularity of PlayStation Plus by providing genuinely good free games for its paying subscribers. This weeks addition to the program adds an entirely new layer of awesome to the package.

Platinum Games' Vanquish is one of the finest action games you will ever play. Brilliant visuals, exciting action, and the exact perfect length a video game of its type needs to be, it masterfully channels everything that has made action games so much fun over the last 30 years into one great 6 hour experience.

You'd be hard pressed to realize this adrenaline rush of violence is the brain child of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, a man who made his household name by creating slow games.

Asking gamers to drop $60 on a 6 hour game proved to be a bit much back in 2010 as the game tanked in traditional Platinum Games' fashion, but now that it is free for PS Plus subscribers, everyone should at least give this modern masterpiece a spin. Play the game to prep for Platinum Games' upcoming Metal Gear Rising Revengeance or just for the sake of having fun, either way is fine by me. Just play it.