VanquishI do love me some Vanquish. Most will point to the long legged Bayonetta and her old school hack n' slash as Platinum Games' crowning achievement, but for my two cents, nothing they've done has topped this high velocity third person shooter. Shinji Mikami has made some great games in the past, Resident Evil 4 among them, but he really outdid himself with this one.

SEGA is giving the game a much needed second chance through the PlayStation Network in Japan. The game only sold 130,000 copies in its homeland, and barely made a scratch on the global market too selling only 870,000 copies worldwide. These sales figures are hardly indicative of the game's quality, Vanquish already sporting some of the best robot aesthetics and fast combat on the market.

SEGA will be selling the game for 3,990 yen (Approx. $46 USD) and will be bundling it with the game's sole DLC pack which adds three weapons to the mix: a Boost Machine Gun, Armor Piercing Pistol, and a Laser Cannon.

No word yet as to whether this online deal will be coming to America, but if it does, I can't recommend Vanquish enough for those who haven't tried it yet. At the reduced PSN price I would ballpark around $20, the game is an absolute steal. If this deal doesn't come to our shores, then Gamestop has it used for the bargain price of $15.

[via Siliconera]