SteamOS - Steam Machines - Room

Today, Valve announced yet another component of its brand new living room vision. The company revealed Steam Machines.

Valve is working with multiple third party partners in order to build Steam Machines, a variety of living room consoles running SteamOS to meet the needs of consumers.

These “boxes,” as they’re referred to in the reveal by Valve, will start in beta form. This year, Valve is shipping 300 of them to users for free. You can head here to find out how you can sign-up to potentially receive one.

The specs, pricing and details about each box are coming soon, but Valve makes sure to indicate that there will be machines to fit the needs of consumers. We take it that means we’ll see budget and high end options for your choosing.

SteamOS - Steam Machines

Valve is in the process of unveiling three separate points for its recently revealed living room invasion. The first of which came on Monday when the company announced SteamOS, a brand new, free operating system running on Linux.

The final announcement will happen on Friday of this week at 1pm ET. We’ll be all over the news as it comes. Any guesses on what we’ll see?