When Valve started its infamous five day announcement cycle a few weeks back, the last thing anyone expected from the third announcement was a controller.

This being the Internet, we're afraid of change. The announcement was met with piles of fanart depicting the controller as an owl and Wall-E among other, even stranger things. The reaction from fans was one of confusion, even when accounting for the usual overwhelming enthusiasm for just about everything Valve does.

Valve has released a video showing off a few games-Portal 2, Civilization V, CounterStrike Source, and Papers, Please-being played with the controller, finally giving us something to go off of. The device won't be real for us until we get our grubby mitts on it, but the controller, at the very least, is functional. Papers, Please seemed quite playable with the controller. Portal 2, on the other hand, seemed a bit twitchy, though engineer Jeff Bellinghausen did note that the game hadn't been optimized for the controller.

The more demonstration videos Valve can put out the better. I want to see Street Fighter IV, Assassin's Creed, a racing game; the types of games that have typically been more accessible on consoles or with a standard controller plugged into a PC.

The video shows us that the Steam Controller really does work and could even be a competitor for best control option in a number of games. We'll find out once the controller is available, presumably sometime in 2014.