During a paneled discussion at D.I.C.E Summit on Wednesday, an unusual pairing formed that could churn out some interesting results; the potential here is massive. According to Polygon, J.J. Abrams, who is currently in charge of two of the biggest science fiction movie franchises, said films based on Valve's Portal and Half-Life games are "in the early stages."

Abrams said he's personally in contact with Valve, with plans at the point where a writer is being sought out to help develop some "interesting ideas." There are certainly a lot of possibilities for a Half-Life film, but I wonder how Hollywood would handle such an odd game like Portal. The compelling thing about Valve's puzzler is the control the player has over the actual portal gun, that experience of isolation and false hope.

With Abrams involved in Star Wars: Episode VII, who knows how long it'll be until such movies make it to the big screen, if they do at all. However, the prospect of something coming to fruition is hugely intriguing, particularly since Newell is so protective over Valve's property.

And, of course, Abrams said he is interested in collaborating with Valve on a future game, so we might even see an entirely new IP materialize from this.