Last week, a few free-to-play titles made their debut on the Steam store. The system of free-to-play products oftentimes makes developers and publishers a good bit of money through microtransactions and perks-for-pay. In fact, some developers have said that the switch from subscription plans to a free-to-play model has actually earned them a larger user base and a stronger flow of income.

Now Valve has revealed that they’re working a few free-to-play titles for the Steam store. What types of games are they? We have no idea. But the company has a storied history of well made products, so let’s hope these free-to-play games will fall in line with the rest of their work. Marketing Director Doug Lombardi said that Valve has noticed the success that some companies are having with the free-to-play model and that his company will be taking a crack at it with several titles.

Valve and Steam are no strangers to microtransactions, the foundation of the free-to-play way that makes it so profitable. Their Team Fortress 2 store has celebrated a wealth of income ever since its unveiling. Players love being able to snag in-game content and customization, Valve’s making that happen.

Though some folks may see DLC and microtransactions as a way to nickel and dime the gaming public, it’s hard to criticize a company when the free-to-play model stands ready and capable of use. Those that want the extra content and don’t feel cheated when they pick it up will enjoy that facet. Others will be able to dig into the game for absolutely no cost at all. That’s a win/win as far as I’m concerned.

Where do you stand with Valve’s notion to take up the free-to-play arena of development? The company is clearly suited to give it a good go, but will you take part?

[via VG247]