Last night, Valve announced a new game. The maker of Half-Life, Dota 2, Portal and Team Fortress announced a spinoff for their popular MOBA. It's called Artifact.

And it's a card game. Here's a teaser clip.

Not much, right? Rock, Paper, Shotgun was watching the announcement and caught a bit of what host Sean 'Day[9]' Plott had to say about the game having played it. Here's a bit of that.

"If you've played previous trading card games, it has a lot of similarities in terms of having creatures and spells that you cast onto the board but in this game, anything you see in Dota, it's here.

There's not just one board but three boards. You control five heroes, deploy them among the different lanes, creeps spawn every turn, the heroes that you play in Dota, they're in the game. You can play as Bounty Hunter and cast Track on an enemy hero, killing it gives you extra gold, use the gold to buy item cards, equip them to your heroes. And I gotta say, it's a really cool experience because you really feel like the commander who's allocating the various resources amongst this entire huge battlefield, moving from lane to lane."

As for the audience in the room at the time of the announcement? Oy. You can actually hear the moment they realize it's a card game, get upset and then talk amongst themselves while some clap. Here's a video.

Having been in the room when companies announce games that the audience might be bummed about, I'd be willing to bet that the applause came from employees. Just a hunch, of course.

Are you excited to play Artifact? Or, is the world already well stocked with card games for your taste?