Valkyrie Anatomia face

Many have outright dismissed Valkyrie Anatomia because it is a mobile title that doesn’t fall in line with the beloved classic, Valkyrie Profile. However, there is still plenty here to look forward to, like the amazing soundtrack.

Square Enix has released bits and pieces of the music from its upcoming game, and each piece sounds like it could have been pulled straight from a PSOne Classic. Check out a few of the tunes below.

Square Enix has also announced a pre-registration bonus for those who sign up early. Players who are able to crack the Japanese will have access to the original game’s protagonist, Lenneth.

Valkyrie Anatomia Lenneth

Aww, don’t look so glum Lenneth. It might still turn out to be an inoffensive mobile spin-off. Valkyrie Anatomia launches for iOS and Android in the Spring. No word on a North American release just yet.