SEGA will be bringing its action RPG Valkyria Revolution to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in the English-speaking world on June 27. The Western release will also see an Xbox One release that Japan never saw.

Along with the confirmation of the localization, SEGA also announced a limited physical Vanargand Edition that includes a CD with 12 tracks from the game’s soundtrack and a Vanargand pin. This will only be available during the first wave of shipments, so be sure to buy in early.

Dropped off the map in Japan, could still be huge in America

By all measures, Valkyria Revolution didn’t make nearly as big of a splash as Valkyria Chronicles when that came out on the PlayStation 3. Anime spin-offs, DLC expansions, a dedicated fanbase, portable sequels. Valkyria Revolution received none of this and disappeared from pop culture almost as quietly as it came.

It has a chance to make a splash on the North American market, but negative reactions towards the demos, despite SEGA fixing them, might have left a lot of bad tastes in mouths. We’ll see when it launches. I hope it catches on.

Valkyria Revolution launches for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Xbox One on June 27.