Valkyria Chronicles can keep up with the best of them with its strategy gameplay, but let’s not kid ourselves. The true stars of this classic PlayStation 3 title are its presentation and expansive cast. I’ve always said that the mark of a true strategy game is the ability to create a sense of companionship between players and their “nameless” units, and in this regard, Valkria Chronicles dominates as one of the greatest ever made.

Of course, all of Valkyria Chronicles’ grunts have a name and minimal backstory, but not everyone can be a bottom feeder. The game hosts a few named characters with more developed backstories and motivations, and SEGA has released a new trailer to reintroduce you to these heroes.

I was always a fan of the sub-machine gunner Rosie, but she seems to be a bridge between major character and nameless fodder. Her and her compatriot Largo don’t seem to have made the cut for this trailer. At least our other favorites like Alicia and Welkin pop up.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered has been confirmed for a North American release this spring. No date has been announced yet, but we’ll keep an eye out.