2016 is poised to be the year when Japanese video games take back the console market by storm. There are so many amazing titles coming from the country’s most iconic franchises and most important studios that it’s becoming difficult of keep track of them all. However, SEGA is reminding us all this year that it had the PlayStation 3 figured out in ways that its competitors did not.

At a time when Western developers had completely pushed aside their Japanese counterparts, we had Valkyria Chronicles shining for us as a beacon that not all hope was lost. And now, we get to relive it all over again. I had been a little critical of the idea of remastering this game, but after a new hype reel and reminder of how magical this game’s story and presentation are, I can’t help myself.

I have to play Valkyria Chronicles Remastered.

If not for it simply being an excellent game, then also for reliving the burst of nostalgia I originally got from its anime storytelling. When I played this in 2008, it was a pure rush of old-school 90s plot and story beats that had gone out of style over the course of a decade. Now in 2016, enough time has passed for Valkyria Chronicles‘ nostalgia rush to become nostalgic itself.

In fact, I might even buy the Japanese version early to check out the Valkyria: Azure Revolution demo that comes packed with it.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered launches in Japan on Feb. 2 for the PlayStation 4. SEGA has not mentioned an English version yet.