Rumors were already brewing that SEGA had something planned for its forgotten Valkyria Chronicles franchise, and Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has gone and confirmed it for us. The beloved PlayStation 3 cult-hit will be getting full remaster on the PlayStation 4 as well as a new entry.

The Valkyria Chronicles Remaster will be released first on Feb. 10 in Japan for a reduced price. No word on a North American release yet. Included in the retail package will be a demo for Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the original trademark that got the rumors started in the first place.

SEGA is currently developing the latest entry in the series, and it will use feedback from the demo to help flesh it into a full and final product, much like the route Square Enix has taken with Final Fantasy XV.

Valkyria Chronicles is a wonderful game from the PlayStation 3 era that sadly dropped off the face of the Earth once the PSP sequels failed to capitalize on its cult-following. This news should be a more than welcome awakening for fans. Let’s hope both of them get localized!