Valkyria Chronicles (1)

Well, this is unexpected. I was all but sure that SEGA had washed its hands of the first Valkyria Chronicles back when it launched to critical love and mid-tier financial success in the early days of the PlayStation 3. However, it appears that the developer wants to give the game another chance on a new platform: the PC.

This story first broke out overnight with a leak in the from the European classification board, PEGI, which gave Valkyria Chronicles on the PC a rating of 16+ just like it did back on the PlayStation 3. Shortly after the leak, SEGA confirmed the release on its Twitter account.

The rating might seem a little high to aim this towards older teens in America, but you have to remember that this game's plot revolves around a lighthearted retelling of World War II. Perhaps PEGI doesn't want to give younger European audiences the wrong impressions on the serious nature of real life events.

As for the game itself, Valkyria Chronicles is an absolute joy to play from beginning to end, and it is remarkable to see it reach digital distribution waves for the first time. We recently placed it on our Best Games of the PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 Generation list, and I can't think of another console game in relative recent memory that better captures the spirit of the late 90s JRPG boom back in the original PlayStation days.

The game also spawned two sequels, but they were released only on the PSP, and only one ever made it to the states. To make matters worse, Valkyria Chronicles 2 doesn't even have official PS Vita or PS TV support. Better pull out those PSP's and hope they haven't bricked on you over the years, like mine has. Maybe SEGA will cut us break and bring those to the PC as well.

Would you like to play Valkyria Chronicles on the PC?  It's definitely not aimed at the same audience as XCOM Enemy Unknown, but the two are both great strategy games for entirely different reasons. I'd say give it a try, even if you can't stand the anime aesthetic. It's nice to see that some of these ratings leaks will eventually pan out into official launches. Anybody remember Suikoden II?

Yeah, I still haven't forgotten, Konami!