Valkyria Azure Revolution Villain

Two big reveals regarding SEGA and Media Vision’s upcoming JRPG Valkyria: Azure Revolution came today.

First up, we get our first look at our villain, Maxim. We know he’s a villain because he has silver hair, a JRPG standard. Captain America also might have a bit to say about his skintight blue leather getup, not to mention his back story. The two share a very similar origin as the result of a super soldier experiment.

He was born in Empire territory, but was selected as a military officer by Emperor Claudius and became a young soldier. Ragnite was placed inside his body as a human experiment, so he is able to use Magic Arts of overwhelming power and is thus a Magic Arts soldier.

SEGA also dropped some play tips for the upcoming demo. Those who buy the first wave of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for the PlayStation 4 will get an exclusive look at what’s going to come. So far, the deal has only been confirmed for Japan.

1. Mission Start – There are two playable missions in the demo: “Morda Practice Fight” and “Morda Suppression Fight.”

2. Battlefield Movement and Long-Distance Attacks – Players control characters through direct movement. You can fire at enemy symbols and use sub-weapons for long distance attacks. During movement, you can press the Circle button to hide behind nearby sandbags and cover. You can fire with R1, or use your sub-weapon for a long-distance attack with L1 and Square. If your attack is successful, you’ll be in a better state when you get to close combat.

3. Close Combat – In close combat, you’ll attack enemies through four buttons assigned to your weapons and Magic Arts. During battle, the reactions of allies and enemies change based on specific situations and have a big influence on the battle’s development. If you surprise an enemy with a long-distance attack, or something along those lines, their reactions could change, giving you an advantage.

If a party member’s HP reaches zero in battle, he or she will be in a near-death state, and a countdown timer to death will begin. You’ll need to get to your ally and heal them before their countdown timer reaches zero for them to survive. Otherwise they’ll die. You can’t revive an ally who’s died.

The background music will seamlessly change between fields and battle.

Sounds like permadeath to me. Yikes! Valkyria Chronicles Remastered launches on Feb. 10 in Japan for the PlayStation 4.