In the world of strategy RPGs, no series is more infamous than Fire Emblem when it comes to your characters being permanently killed off. You kids have it easy these days with the option to turn that off, but back in my day, when a character you control hit 0HP, it’s either a quick flip of the power switch or a send off of good tidings to the angels.

Always go with the former. Nobody wants characters to die in Fire Emblem.

SEGA’s recently announced that Valkyria: Azure Revolution will employ a similar system. Characters can be killed off permanently, and if they are, entire subplots can be erased from your save file, meaning you’ll never get to experience them unless you start over. Best be smart with how you move forward.

Director Takeshi Ozawa and Chief Producer Youichi Shimosato explain all of this in an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, translated by Gematsu. They also dive into the content of the upcoming demo that will be packed into Valkyria Chronicles Remaster.

Regarding loss of a character…

Ozawa: “We’ve discussed this quite a bit, but this time there is also the theme of death, and if a character doesn’t die, then there isn’t any fear transmitted to the player. So we’ve taken the plunge.”

Shimosato: “We’re preparing a story for everyone, like sub-character events and such, so we want the user to be motivated not to kill anyone.”

So will those events not occur if the character is lost?

Ozawa: “The main story will continue, but the events for those characters will all disappear. However, similar to Valkyria Chronicles, you can try again. We plan on making it so, if you put in the effort, you can experience everything.”

How difficult is the game?

Ozawa: “There are obstacles in the game and we are thinking about how to go about them without toning them down. We plan on including something like an easy mode to help with the the obstacles.”

Regarding the demo Valkyria Chronicles Remaster

Shimosato: “Before we’ve released demos just before the game’s release, and the feedback we received had no effect on our work schedule. That’s why this time, we’re using an early system with the intention of making it even better. We want to make it together with the fans.”

Ozawa: “Just so you don’t misunderstand, this is not a beta test, the plan is for it to win you over right off the bat.”

Regarding the demo volume…

Ozawa: “It’s called a ‘Battle Demo’ because you’ll get a taste of the LeGION battle system. We’re also putting in level-up elements, so you can also experience a sort of game cycle.”

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release in Japan during the holiday season of 2016. No word on a localization of it or the Valkyria Chronicles Remaster yet.