If you’re reading this from a Sony VAIO Flip PC laptop you should probably close the lid right now, walk slowly away, and read the rest of the article from another device. The company recently recalled the laptop and posted a notice on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) explaining why you should definitely send it back.

The company said it’s aware of four instances where the computer started to overheat and ultimately started “smoking, catching on fire and melting.” That’s not exactly something you want anywhere around you — especially not in your house or somewhere else, like on a flight. Thankfully, Sony says nobody has been injured during the reported incidents, but there are still about 680 of these laptops in the hands of consumers.

So how can you tell if your model is affected? The official product name is SVF11N13CXS, and you can find by opening the computer and looking below the screen on a black label with white lettering, Sony said, but you’ll need to open the computer in order to see it. If you’re unable to do that, the computer is equipped with a Panasonic battery, an 11.6-inch folding touchscreen and a backlit keyboard. It was sold in black, pink and silver in Sony retail stores and from the company’s website for around $800 between February and April of this year.


“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled personal computers, shut it down and unplug it; and contact Sony for instructions on how to arrange for an inspection free of charge to the consumer and a free repair or full refund of the computer’s purchase price,” Sony said.

Information on how to contact Sony is on the CPSC website in the source below.