Sony sold most of its its VAIO PC business earlier this year to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) with an intention to exit the PC business and focus on its mobile products and restructuring its HDTV efforts, but that brand isn't dead. In fact, you may see it cross headlines as soon as this January during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

According to a report from Nikkei, VAIO Corporation, the existing part of the business that Sony sold (though still owns a small 5-percent stake in), is gearing up to release an Android smartphone in partnership with mobile virtual network operator Japan Communications. The device reportedly sports a 5-inch display, runs Android and will "feature an app that can manage email as well as phone and video calls all together," Nikkei said.

There's not a lot of additional information to go off of, but if the new smartphone runs a full version of Android, instead of a watered-down version without Google Play Services, it may compete directly with Sony's smartphones in Japan. Nikkei said we can expect the price to fall in the middle of the pack, which means you shouldn't be hoping for a flagship just yet. Hopefully we'll be able to check this phone out next week.