Minecraft 1.2 Ocelot

Anyone who has ever played Minecraft knows how far it has come since the early days of Alpha, and after its full release on November 18, 2011 people started to worry the team over at Mojang may halt their regular updates that players of Minecraft were used too.

Mojang proved all doubters wrong on the 12th of January, by releasing Minecraft version 1.1. This included a host of great features from the ability to enchant bows to a new super flat world generator.

But is Mojang going to stop there? No! It looks to continue with version 1.2. There has been no confirmation on when the new highly anticipated NPC AI will be implemented, but 1.2 will still be packed with a host of great new features. The update will include new AIs for both the Zombie and Skeleton. Currently when either monster is caught in day light they will simply burn and die. From now on that will change; if the mob starts to burn they will run to the nearest area of water or patch of shade to save themselves. Another great improvement is the way they react you. Currently if one of the said mobs is running after you in anger they can be easily stopped, by simply walking out of there line of sight and the monster will not be able to figure out how to reach you. Mojang have greatly improved on this and you can no longer fool monsters, there have been many examples of the new monster AI on Youtube, one includes that of a zombie walking all the way through a maze too reach the player on the other side and eat his brains.

There are various other great improvements coming in the 1.2 update from the likes of a new friendly mob, much like a wolf it starts of as a wild Ocelot and can be tamed into a cute kitten using fish, and huge jungle biomes with 2×2 wide trees and climbable vines. Smaller updates include a flame item and an experience item obtainable through creative mode along with various small bug fixes.

All of us here on the Official TechnoBuffalo Server can't wait for the new update, if you haven't tried out our server yet, then what are you waiting for?

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Update: Mojang released more news today on the 1.2 update. Included; rare item drops from mobs, a fix for doors and many more bug fixes. Even greater Zombie AI has also been promised, for example they will have the ability to knock down wooden doors on hard core mode. I believe the most exciting news is an even earlier introduction of basic AI for villagers than most people (including myself) had expected. Whenever the weather takes a turn for the worst and starts to rain, or the beautiful stars come out at night, villagers will pack up and make their way into their own cosy, little homes. They will even socialise with each other when the sun is high in the sky. What else is in store for the new 1.2 update?