Searching for a good pair of headphone is indeed a challenge. There are tons of choices in terms of brand, quality, comfort, style and so on. The truth is, if you want the perfect pair of headphones, then you are going to have to try out quite a few your self. However, there seems to be a basic idea with headphones; the more you spend, the better sound and/or comfort they give. For instance, the “Beats by Dr. Dre” are insanely pricey, ranging* from around $180 to $350. Yet, I can walk into a Seven-Eleven and buy a pair of ear buds for five bucks. If you’re  like me, you want to find an in between, a good balance between all aspects including price.

Now, searching for this paradise pair, I needed a price range. So, looking at what the options were, I decided on around $50 to $150 (at the VERY most). I felt that under $50 I couldn’t trust,  and above $150 just seemed ridiculous for what I’ll use them for (iPod headphones and laptop headphones). I found quite a few models that interested me and so I’ll go through just a few, my ‘top three’ if you will.

The Skullcandy ‘GIs’ – $70 Skullcandy is one of the most well known ear-phone/headphone brands among people today. Their rough, skateboardy look appeals to a lot of people, and they love’m. But, my experience with the brand wasn’t so great.

About six months ago I purchased a pair of their Ink’d Earbuds. They worked, and provided okay sound, but within two weeks the 3.5mm jack was completely messed up (God knows why), and they wouldn’t work anymore. I paid twenty dollars for those, and that’s fairly expensive for a pair of ear buds you can pick up at your local Radio Shack. After that experience (and customer support being quite unhelpful) I decided I was done with Skullcandy. So, even though this pair was in my top three, I wasn’t so sure…

The Urbanears ‘Plattans’ – $60 Urbanears, though not a very popular brand, produces the (in my opinion) coolest looking headphones out; the Plattans. They are all one vibrant color of your choice, absolutely stunning, and have clearly had a lot of thought put into the design. Lets say for instance that I bought a ‘Grass Green’ pair. Well, EVERY little thing about those headphones are going to be grass green. Even the pads in the ear-cups, even the rings around the audio jack are green. They also include a really cleverly built splitter on the earpiece itself so someone else could plug in their headphones to yours and listen to your tunes.

The Beats by Dr Dre ‘iBeats’ – $119
I couldn’t help but to be tempted by Dr Dre’s sexy line of earphones. I mean come on, they provide a sleek look, nice comfort level and an out of this world sound. Although the Beats are insane, they come at a great cost. So I had to pick the cheapest, to stick in my price range, and sticking in my price range restricted me from getting any of the actual ‘head phones’ and I was forced to pick ear buds. Ear buds are always a hard thing for me, especially when they are double the cost of the full sized headphones I’m considering. I feel that I’m paying extra for portability and in my case, I might not need to be. The iBeats might be at the top of the line for ear buds, but still not compare sound wise to the middle of the line headphones. So, I was left a little unsure. Are they worth that money?

The way all of this ended was in an Urban Outfitters one Saturday night in downtown Philly. I was looking at some t-shirts with a $70 giftcard in my hand when my eyes wandered towards the headphone shelf. There, on the shelf, sat a few boxes of Urbanears Plattans. And yes I ended up going home that night with one of those pairs. I ended up purchasing a pair of Ocean (aquamarine) Plattans which I’m wearing currently as I type this article on my laptop. They have served me well so far. The bass is outstanding and they give a great overall sound in all types of music. They look great as I have gotten a number of comments from random people on them, and I love wearing them. Yet, like any, and probably every consumer product, it has it’s ups and downs. The comfort of the padding, though just fine while wearing them for a short while, tends to start bugging your ears after a while. Also, I wear glasses(fairly thick ones as I might add), and I’m not able to wear my glasses when using them due to discomfort. I believe these problems are because the ear-cups don’t actually fit over your ears, where as they just fit on top of them. Luckily my head isn’t very big so I can wear the ear cups low and they feel much better.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I love these earphones and I’d recommend them, especially if your like me and looking for, as I said before, an ‘in between’ pair.

*different models (pro, solo, studio, etc.)

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