One of TechnoBuffalo's fines users Winston Sih is back with his latest edition of the TechnoBuffalo Buzz. In this round he looks at 1) One thing the Droid has that the iPhone doesn't and will never have, Adult Content.  This highly controversial topic is protested with the availability of MiKandi, on the Verizon Motorola Droid. 2) Refub AT&T iPhone 3GS's for $49; available at select AT&T stores, while quantities last, and yes, it will come with the 2 year contract. 3) Acer's going to show more love to the open source mobile phone operating system, Android by Google.  They are planning on widening and balancing Android phones with the great reception of Acer's Liquid.  Google is now one step closer in taking over your life. 4) Psystar, the Mac clone maker, has ceased sales of their computers with preinstalled OSX which is against Apple EULA. This is following a settlement agreement with Apple. 5) As the holiday season begins, Larry Magid from CNET offers some tips on safe holiday shopping.  Go here for more information.

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