The LG G3 is one of our favorite phones released in 2014, but for one Reddit user that might not be the case. A report published to the website describes an incident in which the phone’s battery exploded without any clear cause, though thankfully no one was hurt.

The device in question was apparently charging in bed when its battery combusted, filling the bedroom with smoke and quickly burning a hole through the mattress. Luckily, the family was able to put out the small fire using an extinguisher, though the mattress had to be thrown out a nearby window. The Redditor also shared a handful of photos (above), including one of the fire in progress.

The post also notes that the battery and charger came directly from LG, so this likely wasn’t an issue caused by faulty third-party products, as it often the case. The only lesson learned seems to be to avoid charging your phone in bed, where it can overheat if it’s covered with blankets. There’s no guarantee that’s what caused the fire, but it certainly seems plausible.

“We take any claim like this very seriously and are looking in to it ASAP,” an LG spokesperson told TechnoBuffalo when reached for comment.