Now here's a handy accessory for mobile users with tons of data — a tiny USB flash drive with room enough to stash 8 to 32 GB.

The MicroB connector fits any mobile device with a compatible port — sorry, iOS users — and boasts an itty bitty detachable adapter that connects to any computer via full-fledged USB. All three pieces (including the cap) lock together to form one cohesive unit.

We could see Elecom's USB drive being particularly handy for people who need to off-load camera pics or vids on the go, or users who frequently share files to/from friends' computers or smartphones.

The product costs $47.70 (8 GB), $58.30 (16 GB), or $74.20 (32 GB), available now from GeekStuff4U.

What's your primary way of offloading data? Do you email yourself files, load up into Dropbox or another cloud storage service, or wait until you get home and sync?