US Airways finally embraced the mobile era today, releasing an Android app years after most of its competitors had already rolled out smartphone (and tablet) applications of their own. For now the app is only available on Android devices. iOS users have had access to their tickets through Passbook for a while, but won’t get any of the features that come with US Airway’s official app.

The app does pretty much everything you would imagine an airline’s smartphone application would do. Besides using it to store your digital ticket, you have access to your Dividend Miles account, itineraries and flight updates. It also has airport terminal maps and a feature for checking on lost luggage. All pretty standard at this point.

The airline’s long-delayed app was initially promised for late 2012 but later delayed to sometime in 2013, which doesn’t bode well for iPhone owners. Earlier this year a customer satisfaction survey of the top airlines mobile apps ranked US Airways in dead last, which makes sense since the company didn’t have an app at the time, while Southwest came out on top with an 82 out of 100 possible points.