iPhone 4S - Official - Image

O.M.G. What do you mean Apple didn’t announce an iPhone 5?!?

The Internet was abuzz this afternoon after Apple opted to announce just an iPhone 4S rather than a full-fledged iPhone 5. People started selling Apple stock in bulk, fanboys started to complain in mass on Twitter – how can the world go another day without the iPhone 5?

The whole debacle reminds me of a Death Cab for Cutie song “Different Names for the Same Thing.” The song is about something entirely different, but the chorus might as well be about the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

What did you expect?
For all intents and purposes the iPhone 4S is EXACTLY what rumors had been pointing to for the iPhone 5. The phone has an A5 processor, a massively improved 8-megapixel camera, works on both GSM and CDMA networks (including Sprint!), can run applications like a champ, and is going to be available in a much larger 64GB size option.

We got the iPhone 5 we’ve been waiting for, it just has a different name attached to it that is putting everyone in such a tizzy.

What we didn’t get at today’s Let’s Talk iPhone event was the low-cost iPhone 4S everyone has been talking about. An entry-level 16GB iPhone 4S is going to run you $199 with a new two-year contract. Rumors had indicated the 4S would be a lower-cost handset, which would have put an entry-level price point at $99 or less (maybe even a prepaid option?).

The people waiting for the iPhone 4S are the ones that should be upset, not all the would-be iPhone 5 owners.

Sure, I would like to have seen an LTE iPhone. That said, the mobile networks here in the US are far from being able to support that. I think all us LTE-dreamers knew that one probably wasn’t going to come into reality today.

NFC is another thing I would have loved for Apple to include on the handset. Really, NFC isn’t that widely available right now. Assuming I was handed an NFC-capable iPhone right now, I’m not sure there’s anywhere within a 100-mile radius of my home where I would actually be able to use it. NFC would have driven the cost of the handset up, while not really adding functionality to the device unless merchants start using the technology. Sure if it was built into every iPhone merchants might start to adopt it, but they haven’t yet.

As for the actual phone redesign. In my opinion, the iPhone 4 is a pretty sexy looking phone. The design is working for it. I don’t want or need a larger-screen iPhone, and am thrilled Apple opted to not mess with the screen size or the physical size of the handset. No one has suggested a redesign  that has actually made me think “Wow, I need that!”

So, those of you that are genuinely upset that Apple didn’t announce an iPhone 5….what are you upset about exactly? What did you think you were going to see today with the new phone that you’re not getting from the iPhone 4S?