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Hey, this is pretty cool. 3D printing it becoming more and more popular among regular consumers, particularly those who might be entrepreneurs, artists or inventors and who don't have access to the sometimes super expensive 3D printing machinery. UPS recently offered a pilot program in six stores where customers were able to walk in and print 3D objects. Now the company is expanding that offering across the United States.

UPS said this week that nearly 100 stores will soon offer the ability for customers to print 3D objects, thanks to an expanding partnership with 3D printing company Stratasys. UPS uses the Statasys uPrint SE Plus, a printer that costs nearly $19,000 without any sort of cleaning or maintenance fees. That means its customers can get access to first-class machinery without having to drop down serious cash.

The company says you can expect the 3D printing to take about 4-5 hours for smaller objects, or as long as 24 hours for something more complicated. Pricing totally depends on what sort of object you're printing and how long it will take. We wonder if FedEx will be the next to jump on board.