With less than a week left before Apple’s iPhone 5 event, rumors are arriving of updates to the musically-inclined iPod family, to be delivered alongside the new handset.

Currently the iPod shuffle is offered in five different colors priced at $49 with 2 GB of storage. Rumors are the new shuffles will offer eight different color options, but no word on any design, capacity or price changes.

The iPod nano appears to be receiving a more drastic facelift.  Rumors of a new design escalated when new redesigned iPod nano cases started popping up. Rumors suggest, there are eight color options, compared to seven available today. Additionally the report hints the nano-line will do away with multiple storage capacity configurations (currently 8 GB and 16 GB) and just sticking to one model.  The new nanos look to priced comparable to the existing high-end model.

Speculation of iPod Touch’s upgrades is not all too surprising, considering the rumors flowing around iPhone 5.  So far the iPod Touch appears to be swapping out for the new smaller dock connector, iOS 6, additional storage capacity configurations.  But sources claim there may be additional options such as color, or larger/longer screens. These configurations don’t appear to outlandish considering the alleged changes the iPhone 5 will bring to iOS devices.

Check back with us through out the week as we deliver the latest iPhone and iOS rumors as we near Apple’s iPhone event Wednesday.

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